AeroShell Ascender - Case 12/1 Liter

AeroShell Ascender was developed for the latest generation of gas turbine engines as a low-coking, high compatibility product. Its improved thermal and oxidative stability will ensure negligible coke formation in the engines, so any traditional engine problems associated with coke should never occur. It has also been tested extensively for elastomer compatibility, which is a known service problem. AeroShell Ascender therefore offers the customer the balance of low coking performance with excellent elastomer compatibility.

AeroShell Ascender will also deliver performance benefits in today's existing high powered, high compression engines in which the older generation of oils can be stressed up to and beyond their thermal limits, as evidenced by oil coking in the high temperature bearing areas.

SPECIFICATIONS U.S. Approved MIL-PRF-23699 HTS Grade SAE Approved AS 5780A HPC Grade

APPROVALS Fully approved in IAE V2500 Series engines

AeroShell Ascender - Case 12/1 liter 037717/550013020