This product has been discontinued.

The replacement is Aeroshell Grease 33MS.

Advanced multipurpose grease. Composition: Microgel thickened synthetic diester oil base with molybdem disulfide. Extreme pressure version of AEROSHELL Grease 7, containing five percent molybdenum disulfide. Useful temperature range-100F(-73C) to +300F (+149C). Recommended as a general purpose airframe grease, also for heavily loaded sliding steel surfaces where protection against seizure and corrosion is desired, e.g. bo-gie pivot pins on jet aircraft landing gear assemblies. It also provides outstanding anti-friction bearing lubrication. Qualified under MIL-G-21164D specification.

Aeroshell Grease No. 17 - 14 oz Tube 188311/7001730141

Aeroshell Grease 33MS - 14 oz tubes