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AeroShell Sport Plus 4 - Case 12/1 Liter

A premium semi-synthetic multigrade 10W40 oil optimized for use in Light Sport Aircraft four stroke engines. This oil meets or exceeds the requirements of API-SL and all preceding API-S standards, JASO MA, and VW 502.00. AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 has been specifically developed for Rotax Aircraft Engines to statisfy the specific demands of the small 4 cycle piston engines used in the light aviation sector, which have normally relied on automotive lubricants.

AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is unusual in that it is suitable for use with either unleaded fuels or Avgas 100LL as the base oils have been specifically tested to help prevent lead sludging.

Please consult your Aircraft Operating Handbook to confirm the correct lubricant selection.

DO NOT use AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 in engines that are designed to use ashless dispersant aviation piston engine oils such as AeroShell W oils.


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