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Exxon no longer produces, see BP Turbo Oil 2380

Turbo Oil 2380 - This polyol ester synthetic turbo oil meets the requirements of most corporate and commercial jet engines and accessories, as well as the requirements of industrial and marine lightweight gas turbines. It meets or exceeds the requirements of U.S. military specification MIL-L-23699F STD and U.K. Def Stan 91-101 (DERD 2497). ETO 2380 is a superior 5-cSt jet engine oil due to its balanced combination of thermal and oxidation stability, load-carrying capacity, low volatility and low-temperature flow characteristics. Its outstanding performance, achieved through careful selection and balance of basestocks and additives, has made ETO 2380 widely accepted in corporate/commercial aviation and industrial/marine applications. It is used by more that 325 commercial airlines worldwide.

Exxon Turbo Oil 2380 - 1 Qt 037701

BP Turbo Oil 2380 - 1 Qt
FAA Bulletin on Change to BP Turbine Oils