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PENNZOILŪ 2-CYCLE AIR-COOLED ENGINE OIL is formulated with high quality Pennzoil "tough film" base stocks and an additive package designed specifically for air-cooled engines. Air-cooled engines run hotter than water cooled outboard engines and require a lubricant formulated for their unique lubrication requirements. Applications such as small maintenance equipment can run extremely hot. Dust and dirt on the cooling fins increase the severity.

PENNZOILŪ 2-CYCLE AIR-COOLED ENGINE OIL contains a unique combination of detergents and ash-free dispersants to protect against high-temperature deposits and ring sticking, plug fouling and port plugging. Anti-wear protection for the high rpm needle roller bearing commonly found in small air-cooled engines is also critical.

PENNZOILŪ 2-CYCLE AIR-COOLED ENGINE OIL is designed to protect these components and protect against piston scuffing during start up and extended use conditions. It also contains additives to protect against rust and corrosion. The unique combination of base oils and additives provides superior protection (even at high temperatures and high loads) against piston scuffing, while minimizing exhaust smoke and spark plug fouling. It is prediluted to allow easy mixing with gasoline and smooth flowing in oil injection systems. It is dyed blue for easy identification in the fuel.

Pennzoil Air Cooled 2 Cycle - Case 24/8oz 031908 / 4053$36.81